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Our Services

Capital Trust Escrow is experienced in handling your various transactions in a smooth and efficient manner.  We will guide you through the escrow steps and make sure the escrow process is streamlined to complete your transaction. Please find below a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer:

Real Estate Escrow:

  • Commercial Escrow
  • Residential Escrow (1-4 Units / Single Family Residences / Condo)
  • Multifamily Escrow
  • Probate Sales Escrow
  • Industrial Escrow
  • Vacant Land / Subdivision Escrow
  • Short Sales / Foreclosure Escrow
  • New Tract Home Escrow

Apartment Building Escrow


Commercial Escrow


Residential Escrow


Industrial Escrow


Probate Escrow


Business (Bulk) Escrow:

  • Franchise Business Transactions
  • Liquor License Transfer: attached to business / standalone
  • Business opportunity / Bulk Sales Escrow: Restaurant, Market, Car Wash, Cleaners, Gas Station, Strip Malls, Hotels, Medical Centers, etc.

Liquor License Escrow


Gas Station Escrow


Refinance Escrow:

  • Conventional Loans Escrow
  • FHA-VA Loans Escrow
  • Assumptions / Subject to / AITD Escrow
  • 2nd and 3rd Trust Deed Loans Escrow

Refinance Escrow

Notary Services:

Please inquire our office regarding your notary service needs, and we would be happy to help accommodate.


Notary Services

Life of an Escrow

For illustration purposes only.
The steps depicted may or may not apply to your particular case transaction.